Sidonia Lopes

Sidonia Lopes

Finance and Administration
Staff Finance and Administration Associated
Start Working: 
Sunday, August 1, 2021

1. Maintain processes and controls to ensure accurate processing of Expense Reports,including monitor the budget execution through Timor-Leste Budget Transparency Portal.

2. Providing financial and administrative support to colleagues,clients and stakeholders of the business.

3. Assisting in the preparation of budgets

4. Managing records and receipts,including processing invoices.

5.Collect the Cheque from MoF(when approval), Process and cleared to cash as per instruction from DFA.

6. Redeposif all cash under spent into account (Direction from MoF) base on MoF current practice.

7. Manage manual cash flow of Finance & adm.Agency.

8. Reconciling daily, monthly and yearly transactions,separately then system.(Manual bookkeeping).

9. Monthy report.

10.Update weekly or daily about the progress of finance transaction.

11. Prepara Manual monthly timesheet for all team.

12. Download all attendance from machine finger print (If applicable).

13. Prepara MOP, Perdiem,and others documented relating to local and oversea travel.