The technicians of the Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICT) TIMOR I.P., through the Application System Development Division and the Infrastructure Division, they conducted training in administrative management regarding the Website and email system , which is already developed by TIC TIMOR at the Polytechnic Institute of Betano (IPB) Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão. The objective of the training on the agenda is to raise the knowledge of IPB technicians so that they can manage their respective website and email system . TIC TIMOR I.P. Sarmento Tong as a trainer informed that this training action is like the first and then with regard to the second training, it is in full development. Now, IPB technicians already have knowledge of their own website at the DSA, giving time to assimilate and familiarize themselves with the website referred to with their dashboard, that is, the administrator so that in the following training, he is dedicated in depth in the areas of fixation management. He also added that in the following training, TIC TIMOR will award certificates to IPB technicians who participate in the training until its conclusion. At the same time, Elísio António Ximenes, as a participant in the training, was very grateful for participating in the aforementioned training because the training itself is a great privilege to obtain the website itself and, on the part of the participants, they were pleased with the website created by TIC TIMOR for make it easier for them to publish daily information on the website that is already prepared by TIC TIMOR. At the time of the training action, they learned about this website layout, practicing the use of information from that website. In addition to the above-mentioned information, they had acquired knowledge related to webmail to facilitate us when sending any message via email system because all IPB employees must have the official email address,” he informed. However, from the point of view of the participants, they suggested TIC TIMOR to continuously contribute to institutions not only national but also those of municipalities because there are institutions and some universities that do not have a website and it is expected that TIC TIMOR as a Government institution will henceforth give training municipalities and if you create something, you should do a research because people often have more access on Facebook but there is insufficient access to the website. #TIC MEDIA#