The Executive Director of TIC TIMOR I.P. (Information and Communication Technology Agency), Roberto Caitano de Sousa Vicente and his team held a meetingwith the interim Minister of State Administration, Abilio José  Caetano and his team to talk about cooperation with MAE in the scope of the municipal portal to facilitate services and the creation of the municipal portal, which is quick and safe to promote the activities of the municipalities and contribute to the Electronic Government program.


At this meeting, the Chief Executive informed that an important role of the agency is to centralize all government services in one place to provide efficient and effective services to all government organizations and society.



He said that the launching of the municipality portal by MSA last week shows that the portal is now open, and it is important that TIC provides its support to ensure that the portal can easily be accessed by all populations. The portal has been hosted outside the country, therefore, access to the portal needs to be done through the internet. If the portal is hosted at TIC TIMOR’s data center, it can be accessed locally through the Government-owned fiber optic connectivity network.


Furthermore, he informed that all municipalities are directly connected to TIC TIMOR’s data center, therefore, websites hosted at TIC TIMOR are accessed locally. For example, access to the http://www.portalmunicipal.gov.tl/  can be done here in Timor-Leste without having to retrieve it from the USA.


The interim Minister of State Administration stated Abilio  José Caetano that there is no objection from his side about working with TIC TIMOR.


He agreed with the proposition and requested TIC TIMOR to deliver a presentation to MSA’s directors and Municipal authorities so that they can have a better understanding of TIC TIMOR’s work and for future cooperation. # Média TIC#