Francisco S. do .R. Ximenes

Francisco S. do .R. Ximenes

Infrastructure and Data Center staff
Start Working: 
Sunday, May 15, 2016

1. Work with Network Infrastructure and Data Center Advisor, Network and Data Center Division, Application Services and client representatives to build/implement new server and maintain TIC TIMOR Data Center Infrastructure.

2. Completes implementation  tasks, with attention to detail and even while under pressure.

3. Works with 3rd party vendors to ensure techical assurance and adherence to quality standards.

4. Undertakes Technical creation of Data Center infrastructure documentation and Data Center performance report.

5. Responds as quickly as possible to emergency situations as needed for the purpose of problem solving.

6. Ensures all the server installation include Data Center Network infrastructure installations are to best pratice standars.

7. Work alongside the various network management system application to ensure consistent quality of Data Center performance.

8. Ensures Service Management approval for nay critical task.

9. Install, test and maintain a wide range of TIC TIMOR Data Center infrastructure.

10. Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

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