Maria Da Frosa H Marques

Maria Da Frosa H Marques

Finance and Administration
Start Working: 
Sunday, April 14, 2019

1. Works closely with the Executive Director to develop and monitor the financial budget and strategy of the agency and ensure that it aligns with the overall strategic direction of the agency;

2. Creates and periodically updates a financial management plan and budget with short-team and long-team strategic and tactical goals;

3. Works with the UPMA to develop and monitor budgets and financial statements;

4. Asseses and manages the Agency risk and liability;

5. Provides expertise,guidance and oversight in the areas of human Resources to ensure that those functons are operating and/or being carried out efficiently and cost-effectively;

6. Assists the Executive Director and treasurer as custodian of the Agency's funds and other assets.

7. Responsible for the financial and administrative operations of the Agency including banking, accounting funtions,payroll, budget preparation, oversee all reception duties,Agency documentation, Logistics and procurement and other administrative services;

8. Monitor organizational performance against both the annual budget and the agency's long-team strategy;

9. Prepares accurate and timely recording of all financial information including cash receipts and disbursements,Accounts payable and Accounts Receivable,payroll and benefits,journal entries and the general ledger;

10. Prepares monthly P&L, Balance sheet, cash flow, and Supplemental schedules;

11. Manages all aspects of the annual audit;

12. Develops with the assistance of others, the annual budget and monitors budgets for grants,contracts and fundraising events, and prepares related reports;

13. Oversees and keeps current personal policies and procedures;

14. Interfaces with the finance committee, Ministry of finance, UPMA and attends all meetings thereof;

15. Establishes and maintains contract with relevant financial institutions;

16. Performs other duties as assigned.

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