A team from Bank Mandiri met with the Executive Director of TIC TIMOR I.P (Information and Communication Technology Agency), Roberto Caetano de Sousa Vicente and the Director of Administration and Finance, Maria da Frosa Marques, to discuss the services the bank can provide to the Agency.


Nelia Ly Martins, the Marketing officer from Bank Mandiri said that the bank is yet to provide online banking services, but it does provide personal banking accounts and services. The reason for their visit was to find out whether TIC Timor is interested to utilize their banking services.


Nelia stated that only an electoral card or a national identity card is required to open a private account but to open an institutional account, the agency must provide a request letter, the organizational structure and the license to operate from the Government. The fee for opening an institutional account is US$505.00.


The TIC TIMOR Executive Director said that it was a good opportunity to meet with Bank Mandiri staff. Roberto informed that TIC Timor is authorized to implement e-government and is responsible for facilitating the provision of government services online including connecting relevant financial services to the banks. TIK will collaborate with all the existing banks in Timor-Leste regarding the implementation of this initiative. #Media TIC#