The Role of the Information and Communication Technology Agency, TIC TIMOR I.P. is to centralize and secure government IT systems in Government data centers through the TIC TIMOR network. For this reason, TIC TIMOR through the Application System Division (DSA) in carrying out its duties and responsibilities ensures Electronic Government as a means of bringing the Government closer to the community through Electronic Government.

To that end, DSA has plans to centralize all information dissemination services to Institutions under the RDTL Government in the same place, or secured in a single data center, thus opening up opportunities for Government Great Data.

With the roles and responsibilities mentioned above, currently there are 42 State Institutions that have secured their websites in the infrastructure of TIC TIMOR I.P. not only website but hosting also in web application.

According to the Director of the System and Application Development Division (DSA), Justo Fernandes said that this hosting service is to provide space for TIC TIMOR I.P. servers, to Government Agencies who wish to take advantage of this service in order to register the entity's website so that the service can be accessed by the public.

The Deputy Executive Director also explained that in this service, DSA also provides a panel account to entities to manage their website. A panel account is like a system, facilitating the user interface in managing, updating, creating and modifying their website / electronic site.

He also added that there is a website development service provided by DSA, so that government entities can benefit from it if they do not have sufficient resources to develop their own website. The DSA team, in terms of resources, has 13 highly qualified technicians to address this need.

“There are about 20 websites created by TIC TIMOR I.P., DSA provides assistance to these entities to disseminate their existence to the public and share information with all Timorese,” said the DSA Director.

In this regard, DSA has an indispensable role in assisting Government agencies to manage their websites with the aim of disseminating information to all the people of Timor-Leste. This website is a means of disseminating information about certain institutions. Thus, all citizens who need the services of the said institutional can have knowledge.

“Development services carried out by DSA through TIC TIMOR I.P. Such as website hosting, website development, web applications and mobile applications," he said.

The Director pointed out that DSA also has a portfolio to provide web application development services including mobile applications based on the requests of government agencies and the need to facilitate their services in pursuit of efficiency. These systems and applications can provide public services, which can also carry out internal management and administration of each agency.


There are professional resources from the Systems and Applications Division who are centered on conducting research or in other words, conducting studies in the use of the latest and safer technologies and at the same time, developing faster applications to answer urgent needs. These studies are also focused on implementing tools to test the penetration of websites and applications or systems that are identified as targets.

The DSA team also prepares reports based on studies to solve problems through the latest technology, efficiently and more quickly.

“DSA and his team are doing budget forecasting because there are plans to conduct training and share knowledge about the existence of ICT in TIMOR and also to disseminate information about the technology to all Timorese people, especially to the new generation. In this plan, TIC TIMOR I.P. will visit 13 cities and schools with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences with residents.” He mentioned it.

In addition, DSA also provides training to entities involved in TIC TIMOR I.P. in their website development. During the month of May, the DSA team provided training to the Office of Health Quality Management team on how to manage and update their website.

DSA has a training and certification plan for DSA members through partnership support. One of the most important tasks of DSA is to increase the capacity of human resources through capacity building and training, using the latest technology and tools. This plan is to ensure the implementation of Electronic Government in the future in a more sustainable manner.

It added that TIC TIMOR I.P. through the DSA, it also provided technical support to the Government institutions entrusted to it to protect and manage their systems, such as: website or other application system. DSA is fully responsible for this service, it is available to respond to any request from some institutions that have problems related to its website.

In the event of a high-priority and critical emergency requiring prompt intervention, DSA is available to respond to these urgent requests 24/7 so you can guarantee continuity of service and troubleshooting.

Meanwhile, DSA has also provided applications for registration of requests in response to problem resolution via its website, namely at in electronic format. # ICT MEDIA #