Information and Communication Technologies Agency (TIC) TIMOR I.P, signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Water and Sanitation Authority (ANAS) I.P. regarding cooperation in the information technology area. The purpose of signing the above memorandum of understanding is to support the IT services that are required by ANAS. After the meeting, both institutions specifically addressed the identification of the support required by ANAS I.P. immediately taking into account the request presented to TIC TIMOR. ANAS really needs basic services, namely a Website, creating an official email to ANAS and also with a view to creating databases for ANAS I.P. In the interview made by journalists, Executive Director of TIC TIMOR I.P., Roberto Caitano de Sousa Vicente, informed that TIC TIMOR has the main role of providing solutions to State institutions that require IT services from the development of application, electronic platform, creation of electronic services, connectivity and their cooperation. ANAS staff is deployed in 12 municipalities, making it possible to take advantage of the facilities of the Terrestrial Fiber Optic cable that the Government has been connected. "With the facilities completed in 2019 ANAS, in municipalities they can access the facilities provided by TIC TIMOR in their data center in order to access information within the national territory, which means without access to the internet and also being able to access basic services such as email, website with local connection”, he added the Executive Director. In addition to the provisions, TIC TIMOR has also established cooperation with 44 State Institutions. TIC TIMOR develops services in the IT areas, subject to the needs of each Institution. That is, many institutions that centralize their system. TIC TIMOR as PNDS comprises 12 municipalities that had already centralized their IT system to TIC TIMOR. At the same time, President and Executive Director of ANAS I.P, Domingos Pinto said that after the signing of the respective memorandum of understanding, ANAS I.P. will start the technical processes in order to start the synchronization between TIC TIMOR and ANAS, creating conditions on how guarantee the database and prepare the documentation. He also highlighted that the establishment of cooperation with ANAS as a new Agency that performs indispensable functions and becomes an Agency that has a national policy in the area of water resources, including water to agriculture, industry, commerce and for all activities that will be regulated and also has a set of functions such as monitoring and enforcement, for this reason it needs to create conditions that are safe, thus maintaining the continuity of the function for the future. However, this memorandum of understanding was signed directly by the Executive Director of TIC TIMOR I.P., Roberto Caitano de Sousa Vicente with President, Executive Director of ANAS I.P, Domingos Pinto in the ANAS I.P Caicoli building. #TIC MEDIA#